Where fauna and flora are unique, come to be the rare specie

The excellent location of Casa das Arribas, deep inside the International Douro River Natural Park, allows visitors to explore the huge natural and cultural wealth of the Trás-os-Montes region.
Thanks to the privileged contact with local traders, Casa das Arribas can, upon prior reservation:

  • Provide regional products (in particular, sausages, cheeses, bread, olive oil and wines)
  • Make reservations in the best local restaurants, representative of the regional cuisine
  • Promote direct contact with local producers

Stand Up Paddle

Floating between the cliffs of the International Douro River. This nautical sport, accessible to practitioners with or without experience, is full of new sensations and emotions, awakening the senses towards a new way of discovering everything that surrounds you.

Get to know the local gastronomy

There is an authenticity in the Trás-os-Montes cuisine that connects us immediately to its landscape and its people. Varied and colorful, this cuisine is the mirror of the region’s identity. Settled on the ingredients that the land provides throughout the year and in the meats of the region’s natural breeds – Maronesa, Mirandesa and Bísara – or hunting, the table is abundant and appeals to the tasting.

Explore nature and the local culture

Casa das Arribas suggests unique routes, so that you can discover, along the cliffs of the Douro River and its imposing lookout points, the fauna and flora that inhabit the Natural Park. Take the opportunity to know the local history and culture and travel to the medieval times.